Frequent flu, colds

Consultation of an ENT
1 000 UAH
Follow-up consultation of an ENT
900 UAH
Earwax removal by rinsing (1 side)
300 UAH
Politzer auditory tube pressure equalisation method
300 UAH
Gauze turunda application with medications
350 UAH
Cleansing of nose cavity
400 UAH
Cleansing of ear
400 UAH
Application of medicines in the nasal cavity (Proetz method)
400 UAH
Treatment of nose / pharynx / larynx by medications (without the cost of medicines )
300 UAH
Removal of foreign body (ENT)
1 500 UAH
Irrigation of the tonsillary lacunes (without cost of medications)
400 UAH
Injection into turbinates (without cost of medications)
200 UAH
Nose/ear furuncule incision (with anesthesia)
2 000 UAH
Incision of an abscess of the ENT(with anesthesia)
2 000 UAH
Paracentesis of the tympanic membrane (with anesthesia)
2 000 UAH
Removal of benign tumors of the ENT (with anesthesia)
4 000 UAH
Anterior or posterior nasal packing by gauze swabs
700 UAH
Suturing in ENT
400 UAH
Inhalation, 1 session (w/o cost of medications)
200 UAH
Chemocaustics of the nasal septum vessels
500 UAH
Blockade of the inferior nasal turbinates with medications administration
300 UAH
Diathermocoagulation of nasal vessels
2 000 UAH
Dissection of purulent pharynx follicle (with anasthesia)
2 600 UAH
Nasal fracture reduction
1 800 UAH
Еndoscopic examination of ENT organs
400 UAH

Frequent acute respiratory infections, colds

In most cases, frequent colds are associated with reduced immunity, but in rare cases the cause may be a deviated nasal septum or polyps.
Such regular illnesses are typical for children who are just starting to go to child-care facilities (kindergarten or school), they do not have a fully formed immune system. If a child gets more than 8 colds a year, it will be a reason to see an immunologist.


Signs of a cold:

  • runny nose;
  • cough;
  • sneezing;
  • severe headaches;
  • fever;
  • general feeling of being unwell.

Normally, a cold can go away in a week to 10 days. If it lasts longer, there can occur complications such as sore throat, maxillary sinusitis or pneumonia and in this case you should see your doctor immediately for a check-up and treatment.



The doctor collects anamnesis, examines the patient and, if necessary, prescribes a general blood test. In Universum Clinic, in its own laboratory, it is possible to take an urgent blood test and know the result within 40-50 minutes, which greatly helps the doctor in establishing a diagnosis and determining treatment options.

Based on all the collected data, a prescription is made. It is strictly recommended not to self-medicate, including the choice of antibiotics. This is the competence of a doctor.

If the cold is in a mild form, the doctor may recommend only bracing measures: drinking plenty of fluids, airing the room, daily regime and taking enough vitamins.

By following these recommendations, it is possible to strengthen the immune system and reduce the frequency of colds.

Kostanopulo Olena
Kostanopulo Olena
Family Physician, Gastroenterologist
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Ostapenko Lesia
Ostapenko Lesia
Therapist, Family Physician, Gastroenterologist, expert in the treatment of infectious diseases
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