Consultation of a neurologist
1 000 UAH
Follow-up consultation of a neurologist
900 UAH
Package "APNOE" (2 nights of monosomnography + 2 c-tion of neurologist +1 c-tion of ENT + 1 c-tion of psychologist)
7 500 UAH
Botulinum therapy for migraine
2 000 UAH
Consultation of a somnologist
1 000 UAH


A stroke is an acute disorder of the cerebral circulation. It occurs when a blockage or rupture of blood vessels in the brain happens. Cell death occurs due to a lack of oxygen and reduced blood flow. Stroke may lead to disability or even death if proper nutrition of the neurons is not restored in time. People over the age of 50 are most susceptible to stroke.

Types of stroke

  •  Ischaemic (characterised by a narrowing and blockage of blood vessels in the brain);
  •  Haemorrhagic (characterised by blood leaving the vascular bed due to rupture or thinning of the blood vessel walls).

Symptoms of stroke

  •  severe headache;
  •  slurred speech;
  •  impaired movement coordination;
  •  loss of consciousness;
  •  vomiting;
  •  facial muscle atrophy;
  •  loss of sensation;
  •  inadequate perception of the environment.

Stroke treatment
If signs of stroke are detected, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible. If the patient is very ill, an ambulance should be called, as early hospitalisation greatly increases the chances of recovery. A hospital can carry out a comprehensive diagnosis and the necessary laboratory tests. Doctors determine the type of stroke. They prescribe the necessary medication, which is administered under their supervision, with timely adjustment of the prescription if necessary.

Rehabilitation after a stroke
After inpatient treatment, you will also need rehabilitation. This involves a visit to a neurologist and a cardiologist who will assess the patient's condition and advise on medication support and physiotherapy. If therapy begins in the first three months after the stroke, there are chances of almost complete recovery of the lost functions.
The specialists at Universum Clinic are highly experienced in organising rehabilitation, with an individual approach for each patient. The recovery process is constantly monitored by doctors. The teamwork of specialists and the patient is the key to the fastest and most effective rehabilitation after a stroke.

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