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Гінекологія Therapy/Family Medicine
Consultation of a GP/family physician
700 UAH
Consultation of a GP/family physician in English
1 200 UAH
Consultation of a General Practioner
700 UAH
Consultation of an General Practioner in English
1 200 UAH
Follow-up consultation of a GP/family physician
500 UAH
Follow-up consultation of a GP/family physician in English
1 100 UAH
Follow-up consultation of an General Practioner
500 UAH
Follow-up consultation of an General Practioner in English
1 100 UAH
Online consultation of a GP/family physician in English
1 200 UAH
Online consultation of a GP/family physician
250 UAH

Literally everyone needs a family doctor in Kyiv. This is the most important specialist who will not only listen to your complaints first, but also can prescribe a direction to another specialized specialist. However, not all patients are aware of what a family doctor can do. We will talk about what kind of specialist this is later.

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Who is a family doctor?

A family doctor is a doctor who has an education (and completed an internship) in the specialty "General practice - family medicine", "Therapeutic", or "Pediatrics". After the medical reform, every citizen of Ukraine can choose his personal family doctor, for himself and his children, and even visit him for free - the costs are compensated by the state.

This is your personal therapist, to whom you can turn for a sick leave, or talk about health problems that are bothering you. Family medicine is convenient for both doctors and patients.

What does a family doctor do?

Your family doctor is practically responsible for your health or the health of your child. It is he who forms and controls the plan of tests, examinations and vaccinations, as well as the treatment process and schedule of preventive measures. Direct provision of primary medical care is also the task of a family doctor, which is why it is necessary to choose him so carefully.

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What else can a family doctor do?

  • Carry out an initial diagnosis.
  • Identify and treat common diseases.
  • Carry a pregnancy.
  • Select the examination program.
  • Write a prescription (including an electronic one) for medicine.
  • Give a referral to another specialized specialist, for an operation, or for a procedure.
  • Decipher the analyses.
  • Issue a certificate, sick letter, form for a child or an adult.

Such a doctor is trained to observe the patient both in childhood and in old age or adulthood, as well as to analyze the medical histories of all family members. As a result, such a doctor will be able to develop a personal health plan for each family member, taking into account lifestyle, genetic and environmental factors.

In which case can you contact a family doctor?

Imagine the situation: you have unpleasant sensations somewhere between the ear and the jaw, and you are thinking of going to an otolaryngologist or a dentist. This is one of the situations in which you need to consult a family doctor.

In case of any ailments, you contact him, and he takes care of everything. The family doctor will either prescribe you treatment on his own, or give you a referral to a specialized specialist. At the reception, you can directly say that you want a referral to a specific analysis or a specific specialist. If it is rational, the family doctor will definitely not mind.

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What makes a private family doctor better than a public one?

The doctors at Universum clinic are not only the best in their field, but also less busy with patients. This allows you to pay maximum attention to everyone and solve the health problem as quickly as possible.

No irritation in response to complaints, no queues, genuine care, high professionalism and complete customer orientation - all this is family medicine at Universum clinic.



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F. A. Q.
What is the difference between a therapist and a family doctor?
  • A therapist is a doctor who treats somatic diseases / internal diseases (only in adult patients and purely for therapeutic nosologies), the patient receives an appointment for examination / treatment and does not return to the doctor until the next episode of the disease. A follow-up visit is possible to correct the treatment. Also therapists do not screen / diagnose / treat pathologies in related specialties (otitis, allergic rhinitis, fundus examination). But the therapist can provide secondary care, monitoring the patient's health in the relevant departments of the hospital (cardiology, gastroenterology, etc.).
  • A family doctor is a doctor who can manage patients from 0 to 99+, and «knows» his patients, because he not only guides them by episode of a specific disease, but also engages in educational activities / preventive medicine with the patient (vaccination , check-up, etc.) + conducts screening/diagnosis/treatment of related «narrow» pathologies within its competence.
What diseases are treated by a family doctor?
  • A family doctor treats like a pediatrician + (GP) general practitioner + “light illnesses” of fellow narrow specialists.
Who is a (GP) General Practitioner?
  • General practitioner is a family doctor (General practice is the name of the specialization that a future family doctor should receive (“General Practice and Family Medicine”). The general practitioner / family doctor provides primary care, care on an outpatient basis or on location of the patient.This specialization involves the provision of advice, diagnosis and treatment of the most common diseases, injuries, poisoning, pathological, physiological (during pregnancy) conditions, preventive measures.
  • In practice, this is a doctor with an interdisciplinary approach, that is, he can diagnose / treat diseases related to related specialties and, if necessary, refer him to narrow specialists.
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