Pre-school exams for kids

Consultation cost
Consultation of a pediatrician
1 000 UAH
Consultation of each next child from the family during the same visit
700 UAH
Repeated consultations
Follow-up consultation of a pediatrician
900 UAH

When enrolling children in an educational institution, sending them to any sports section, children's camp, swimming pool and even planned hospitalization, there is a need to issue a certificate of health, the presence of preventive vaccinations, chronic diseases and allergies.
In order to get a certificate for the school, the presence of a child at the reception is mandatory. The doctor will examine the child, perform the necessary anthropometric measurements and, if necessary, refer to related specialists and give directions for laboratory tests.
If you need a medical card statement about mandatory and recommended vaccinations, parents can see a doctor without a child. After reviewing the documentation, the doctor will provide a certificate and, if necessary, recommendations for further vaccination of the child.

Certificates  you can get from us:

  • certificate of the form № 086-1 / о (Certificate of the student of the general educational institution on the results of the obligatory medical preventive examination);
  • help in the pool;
  • reference form № 063 / о (Vaccination card)
  • medical certificate from a doctor in any form
  • certificate of temporary incapacity for work of a student due to illness (exemption from physical education) (form 095 / o)
  • registration of a sanatorium-resort card for children and teenagers (form № 076 / о)

Istomin Aleksandr
Istomin Aleksandr
Hematologist, Pediatrician
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Onoh Daryna
Onoh Daryna
Family doctor, Pediatrician, Anesthesiologist
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