Pediatric House Call​

Pediatric House Call​
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Гінекологія Pediatrics
Consultation of a pediatrician
700 UAH
Consultation of a pediatrician in English
1 200 UAH
Follow-up consultation of a pediatrician
500 UAH
Follow-up consultation of a pediatrician in English
1 100 UAH
Consultation of each next child from the family during the same visit
400 UAH
Consultation of each next child from the family during the same visit in English
900 UAH
Consultation of a breastfeeding specialis in English
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Consultation of a breastfeeding specialist
800 UAH
Online consultation of a pediatrician
400 UAH
Online consultation of a pediatrician in English
1 200 UAH

When pediatric house call is needed

A pediatrician is a doctor who is able to give an objective assessment of both the physical and mental state of the child, and also deals with the prevention and treatment of a wide range of childhood deseases. That is why pediatric house call may be necessary in various cases, including for diagnosics of  the disease or dynamics of recovery, etc.

In general, the pediatrician can define wide range of pathologies, he is able to select effective analyses, as well as other examination methods. In addition, the doctor informs parents about the need for vaccination and makes individual vaccination calendar.  

When to call the pediatrician

Calling a pediatrician at home can be either planned or not.

The doctor performs the first consultation at home within one month after the discharge of the newborn from the maternity hospital. For the first time, a pediatrician visits the newborn  on his own. The following scheduled visits to the doctor are required to be performed monthly.

The pediatrician should check of the baby's health, including:

  • carry out weighing and measurement of growth;
  • control physiological and mental development;
  • following the vaccination calendar.

It is worth to contact a doctor not only in cases of obvious symptoms of a child’s illness. You can call for the doctor due to the following reasons:

  • anxiety and tearfulness for no apparent reason;
  • lethargy, drowsiness, passivity;
  • elevated temperature;
  • rash on the skin;
  • runny nose, cough and nasal congestion;
  • sore throat and trouble swallowing food;
  • dizziness, blanching of the skin, as well as blue lips after moderate physical exertion;
  • vomiting and lack of appetite;
  • poor urination;
  • allergic reactions to products;
  • bloating, diarrhea, or constipation;
  • baby crying when urinating or defecation;
  • swollen lymph nodes;
  • chronic fatigue. 

It is important! Parents need to remember that it is not necessary to go to the clinic. You can call a pediatrician in Kyiv in Universum Clinic by phone or directly on the website.

How is the pediatric house call made

During a scheduled examination, the doctor make:

  • measurement of height and weight;
  • nasopharynx check;
  • palpation of the abdomen;
  • examination of the genitals;
  • listening with a phonendoscope.

This allows the specialist to make a conclusion about the current state of the child’s health, as well as give parents recommendations regarding their further care (nutrition, walks, selection of hygiene products, etc.).

Benefits of calling a Universum Clinic pediatrician

Our clinic provides:

  • a full range of medical services for children (from birth to 18 years) including diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases;
  • modern methods of detection and treatment of childhood diseases. Our doctors regularly undergo training to improve their skills, so that each patient is guaranteed to receive professional assistance;
  • vaccination with a preliminary examination of the baby's condition;
  • recommendations after vaccinations;
  • rapid testing of various diseases.

Our clinic also conducts ultrasound examination of children using portable equipment. This makes it possible to diagnose diseases of children directly at home. 

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F. A. Q.
How to make a house call to the pediatrician?
  • To do this, it will be enough to call the phone number that indicated on the site or leave a request in the messenger.
  • Immediately after that, the call-center operator will call back to provide the necessary consultations, as well as to clarify the time of specialist’s visit. 
In what case should you call a pediatrician at home?
  • If the baby has any of symptoms described, as well as in emergency situations (for example, in case of injury), you should immediately turn to a pediatrician.
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