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Treatment and second opinion abroad

Treatment and second opinion abroad

We regularly visit colleagues in clinics of different countries and participate in professional medical conferences. This allows us to have our wide network of acquaintances in the international medical community and learn about the latest medical advances.

It is not often the case that a clinic or even a country has been the undisputed leader in the treatment of any condition for a long period. Knowledge sharing has accelerated so much that quality treatment can now be obtained where no one had expected before.

Today, we have a clear understanding of where to look for centers of competence in a given disease on an international level.

You can implement patient access to competence centers either by going there or by obtaining a “second opinion” from there.

In the first case, we will send all available information to a foreign clinic, and the clinic, having analyzed the situation, will send us its options for treatment.

In the second case, we will also provide the clinic with all available information, and the clinic will report based on the collective decision of the board of doctors whether the information provided is enough or not enough for an opinion. If the information is not enough, certain examinations and analyses can be recommended (for example, MRI, tests, biopsy revision, etc.).

If necessary, we will deliver patient’s biological samples (blood components and other biological materials) to a foreign laboratory. When sending biological samples, we will coordinate the shipment with the carrier and customs authorities. Biological samples are subject to various methods of examination (drug responsiveness, genetic analyses, etc.). For some biological samples, temperature and duration of transportation can be critical.

Should any results of histological examination be reviewed abroad, we will send histological blocks or glass slides.

Having collected all the necessary information, the foreign clinic will prepare its opinion about the diagnosis and treatment tactics.