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Doctors house call (home, office, hotel)

Doctors house call (home, office, hotel)

If you cannot visit a doctor in Universum Clinic, you can use house calls service from Universum Clinic. The doctor will visit you in a few hours and make examination, express-tests, necessary further appointments or treatment and prescribe treatment based on the principles of evidence-based medicine and using the protocols of the USA and Finland in the appointments.

How to understand that you need doctor`s appointment at home?

Important to understand that doctors cannot provide at home total scope of diagnostic, not all health disorders can be treated and diagnosed out of clinic. Doctor’s visit will not replace a full-fledged appointment in the clinic and tests will provide only a first look and first step to understand the current diagnose.. However, there are a lot of cases when such service is the right decision.

It is good decision get doctor`s home visit with a sudden disorder like acute viral infection complications, flu, high blood pressure, food poisoning and so on. You can call "Universum Clinic" if you or someone from your family have following symptoms:

  • migraines, headaches and dizziness;
  • difficult movements due to joint pain;
  • gastro-intestinal disorders, dyspeptic symptoms;
  • urination disorders;
  • general weakness, fatigue;
  • skin rashes, mucous membranes;
  • body temperature to 39 degrees, chills, etc.;
  • acute respiratory tract infection;
  • сough, runny nose, sore throat.

Analyze your symptoms, doctor can visit you with a nurse and make injecting and droppers, dressing wounds, and treating affected skin areas, take all express tests at home and ECG
If you or your family have severe breathing disorders, vomiting with blood, allergic edema of the larynx, severe bleeding, serious injuries, interruptions in the heart rhythm, etc., you need to call 103.

What doctor do during house call visit?

Doctor during home visit provide client with detailed consultation, examination, express tests and other diagnostic which can be done at home.. Administrators in clinic ask client about all symptoms so doctor can immediately understand whether it is necessary to involve narrow specialist, take nurse or recommend client medical care in clinic.

Doctor can provide portable electrocardiography and ultrasound diagnostic at home, also devices to determine blood oxygenation, glucose level, express tests to determine the flu, staphylococcus, rapid tests for quick urine analysis, etc. If client needs medical help in clinic, doctor transport client by car to the clinic for advanced diagnostics using equipped medical center.
Doctor with nurse out of clinic can help to manage disorders without clinic equipment, make all necessary injections and recommendations with further follow-up in clinic or on-line.

How can you order doctor`s house call visit?

People from any location in Kyiv can order doctor`s home visit for adults and kids just contact Universum Clinic via phone numbers or website. The private clinic works seven days a week, you can get necessary medical care during all the week and call any day. Universum Clinic staff will help you to fix the time for house call, ask your address and other contact information, specify your symptoms.

You can also use clinic website for this service. Within 15 minutes Universum Clinic staff will call you, specify the symptoms of the disease and organize necessary medical service.


Private сlinic Universum Clinic orients to long-term partnership with our Clients. Clients can get clear quality service for fix price. You can get all details during you call or any request via chat or hereinafter.

GP home visit
1700 грн
Consultation of each next patient during the home/office visit
800 грн
Pediatrician home visit
1700 грн
Narrow specialist home visit
2300 грн
Narrow specialist home visit outside Kyiv, within 30 km
3000 грн
Nurse's home visit without cost of procedures
800 грн
Semi urgent ambulance, 40-60 min to arrive
2700 грн
Semi urgent ambulance, 40-60 min to arrive, outside Kyiv, within 30 km
3300 грн
Intravenous injection at home
130 грн
Peripheral IV line installation at home
600 грн

Doctor house call is good and quality service and alternative of self-treatment. Doctor from Universum Clinic will help you to manage your health disorders professional and complex.

Doctor provide follow up for client and organize further investigations, diagnostic and consultations of other specialists if necessary.