Ground Ambulance Service

Гінекологія Transportation
Patient transportation service in Kyiv and within 100 km from the administrative border of Kyiv for 1 hour
2 200 UAH
Payment for every next 30 minutes of medical transportation, after the first hour
1 100 UAH
An emergency service on the runway
4 300 UAH
An emergency service on the runway to receive a passenger from the aircraft to the ambulance carriage (reception after arrival)
3 300 UAH
Doctor`s medical services during evacuation without a patient for 1 hour in countries other than Ukraine
900 UAH
Doctor`s medical services during evacuation with a patient for 1 hour in countries other than Ukraine
1 300 UAH
Transportation by sanitary transport (without providing medical assistance) in the Kyiv zone and up to 100 km from the administrative border of Kyiv for 1 hour (fixation with tires (immobiliz
1 600 UAH

Ground Ambulance Service can be used for patients, who find it difficult to stay in a sitting position for a long time, need medical supervision during transportation (control of blood pressure, pulse, vital signs, artificial breathing etc.), for patients, who need medical treatment and care (treatment of bedsores, changing diapers or urinals), for patients with injuries that require recumbent position during transportation (spinal injuries, hip fractures, including operated femoral neck fracture), for patients after TBI, including those who have undergone surgery, for patients with contradictions for air transportation, for patients after strokes and heart attacks, to assess the risks of sudden events in associated with changes in pressure during takeoff/landing of the aircraft, and to ensure constant control of vital functions, for patients with complex disorders, for patients who need treatment in specialized hospitals in Europe or repatriation after treatment.

During last 4 years, Universum Clinic has been engaged in professional medical transportations of patients in Ukraine, in Europe and international transportations to many other countries. We closely cooperate with many international insurance companies and  provide them with high quality medical service.

For any medical transportation the list of necessary medical documents needed. Universum Clinic helps you with all paperwork and formalities:

  • medical document from clinic or hospital with detailed treatment and subscription of patient current condition for risk assessment and for choose best way of transportation
  • Recommendations for transportation Fit to Flight (FTF form), to determine/confirm the conditions of transportation
  • Cover letter in according to local Ukraine legislation (for admission of a patient to a hospital in the territory of Ukraine)
  • Medical transportation protocol to fix continuous assessment of the patient's condition
  • Act of order and voluntary consent for transportation, to ensure the legal responsibility of the parties

Universum Clinic doctors team contacts the medical facility and discusses recommendations with the doctor and client to ensure the patient's with necessary medical care, maximum comfort and safety.

The information below will be very helpful for Universum Clinic team to organize medical care for you as much comfort and quick as possible:

  • oxygen during long-term transportation
  • parenteral nutrition, infusion therapy, special medications
  • resuscitation measures, artificial breathing
  • soft/hard stretchers, gurney chairs, vacuum mattress, crutches, shield. All this is required for comfortable and safe movement and transportation in case of limb, pelvis, and spine mobilization is necessary.
  • hygiene special pads if the patient cannot move during transportation and provision of sanitary procedures (presence of diapers, wet wipes, ducks, etc.), treatment of bedsores, dressing of wounds.
  • food and water supply, depending on the patient's condition
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